The forest where life-size giant dinosaurs live!



On Facilities

  • Is there parking at the site?
    Yes, the parking in Katsuyama Dinosaur Forest Park is available free of charge.
  • Is the park open when it is raining?
    Yes, but we may close the park due to bad weather, for example a typhoon or snow fall.
  • How long does it take to see all the dinosaurs?
    About 20 minutes. The attraction is laid out along the walking course of 460 meters.
  • Are there restrooms within Dinopark?
    No, there are no restrooms in the park itself. Please use them before entering.
  • Are we allowed to photograph and film?
    Yes, filming and photography are allowed in all areas. There are some recommended photo spots at Dinopark.
  • Are food and drink allowed inside Dinopark?
    Only drinking water and non-alcoholic drinks are allowed.
  • Are pet dogs allowed inside Dinopark?
    Yes, but please put a lead/leash on your dog.
    For othe visitors’ comfort and safety, taking care of your dog is your responsibility.
Inside Katsuyama Dinosaur Forest Park,
51-11, Terao Muraoka-cho, Katsuyama-shi, Fukui Prefecture, 911-0023